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personal trainers in rockland county, boot camp classes, boxing, police fitness test
Nationally Certified Fitness Professionals   
Personal Training is much more than just working out
Keys to Success
Every one of our certified trainers are not just Personal Trainers, they are top quality, nationally certified fitness
professionals that are CPR certified and have basic first aid training.  We continue to adapt new and exciting ways to give
our clients optimal workouts every time they come walk through our door.  We keep things interesting to ensure that the
personal training client stays interested and committed to a healthy, exercise lifestyle.  No matter what your personal
fitness training goals...weight loss, sports conditioning, building lean muscle, nutritional counseling, Peak Physique
Personal Training, Boot Camp, and Boxing, in guaranteed to get you in the best health and shape of your life.  You never
know what to expect from a Peak Physique Workout, but you are always guaranteed to get unparalleled service from our
Personal Trainers.  We always strive to provide Elite Fitness Training, to ensure each and every individual personal
training, Boot Camp, and Boxing client, reach their Peak Performance.  Peak Physique is completely registered, certified,
and insured as  Personal Trainers, Boot Camp Class, and Boxing Class Instructors, and Fitness coaches, in Rockland
County NY.  We can provide references upon request.    
You won't just be getting a good workout, but learning the correct way to perform the exercises and the proper sequence of exercises that will work for you.  All programs are
designed based on your specific goals and needs.  We are here to break a sweat, but in the bigger picture we are trying to adjust to a positive and healthy exercise  lifestyle.
  • Dedication
  • Discipline
  • Desire
  • Determination
  • Motivation
  • Fitness and Nutrition Education
  • Proper Exercise Program
    Design and Technique
  • Strong Leadership
  • Knowledge
  • Experience
Boxing, kickboxing classes in rockland county ny, weight loss workouts
Personal trainer rockland county, lose weight, get six pack abs, boot camp classes
Personal Trainers in Rockland County NY, Boot camp certified fitness, boxing classes
Peak Physique’s slogan, ‘No excuses, we come to you’, is not to be taken lightly.

I’ve worked with Steve Eckert for six years, through many difficult times when I felt there was no room in
my life for keeping fit and exercising. Somehow, Steve managed to find ways to make sure I got my
workouts in, whether in my home or at the gym. He has inspired me and made
the process of getting fit a
fun, diverse, and rewarding experience. I’ve rediscovered the joy of being active
and my “can-do” attitude
towards physical challenges, lost somehow over years at a desk job and catering to my husband and
children. I look forward to my workouts with Steve more than I ever thought I could, primarily because of
ability to keep workouts varied, entertaining, and targeted to my individual needs.

In my years at the gym, I’ve observed other trainers with clients and always felt grateful that I found
Steve. His attention to details like posture, body-alignment, breathing and regular stretching are
unsurpassed. I’m totally confident that I can work with Steve and
gain strength, balance and stamina
without risk of injury.
Also, Steve truly believes in and lives what he promotes. He is constantly reading,
researching and keeping abreast of the latest studies and issues in his field.

I look forward to seeing Peak Physique grow and expand under Steve’s guidance and expertise.
will always have my confidence and gratitude.

Chris Kaufman
Director of Human Resources -Accounting Supervisor
International Battery, Inc.- Oakland, NJ
“Peak Physique is a no-nonsense commitment to physical fitness,
conditioning, and an overall practice in healthy living.”

After spending two years in college, I realized that I had never
seen the inside of the gym—my days, instead, were spent in a cycle of
working, eating, and sleeping that left me feeling and looking lazy and
unhealthy.  So for both personal and professional reasons, I committed
myself to correcting my atrocious eating habits and improving my
(nonexistent) workout routine.  
To carry out this massive undertaking,
enter Peak Physique.

Peak Physique is a no-nonsense commitment to physical fitness,
conditioning, and an overall practice in healthy living.  As exercise
becomes standard and routine, each day represents an effort to reach the
next level.  
The end result is both dramatic physical and mental
improvements in body image and self-confidence.

Boot Camp training, in particular, allows one to work at an individual
pace within the setting of team-based, group activities.  For me,
Camp training is an exercise in self-motivation and self-discipline—Peak
Physique has convinced me to constantly surpass the status quo and aspire to
new and better personal gains.

In short, the workout routine offered by Peak Physique is both challenging
and professional—I feel better and healthier than I ever have before.
gym has become a familiar place to me—a place that I could never do
without.  I return to college not only expecting—but wanting—to workout.
Better yet,
I expect to feel this way for the rest of my life.

Joseph Rudnick
College Student- Cornell University
Police Officer
Elmira, New York
Bootcamp classes, boxing classes, group fitness classes, weight loss cardio workouts
Steve Eckert
Steve Eckert - Certifications:  NFPT-CPT, DSWF Exercise and Pregnancy, DSWF Psychology for Health Fitness Professionals, TSI/NYSC Foundations of
Personal Training, TSI/NYSC Advanced Training Systems, MCI/USMC Fundamentals of Nutrition

Steve began Personal Training/ Strength and Conditioning in the United States Marine Corps, over 12 years ago. He has trained hundreds of Marines in
preparing for Physical Fitness Tests, Since then he has trained in over 50 gyms/ studio's throughout the World. He has trained a wide variety of clients, from
youth athletes, High School athletes, College, Professional Athletes, Men, Women, Pregnant women and Seniors.

Steve also trains small to large groups in Sports Specific training, strength and Conditioning, Boxing, Bootcamp, Kettlebells, Plyometrics, Total Body
Conditioning, Cardio Intervals and Circuit Training.

Steve Eckert is not just your everyday personal trainer, he lives and breathes through the exact guidelines, discipline, and morality as that of which he instills
in everyone he encounters.  He is the ultimate example of "talking the talk, and walking the walk".  Steve is constantly working on additional certifications and
workshops, with the desire to constantly improve, learn, adapt, and increase his knowledge by learning something new everyday.
Eva was born in Poland and has been living in US for several years.  Her journey with Fitness began back in her home country as she has been active her
entire life.  In High School Eva was teaching a variety of aerobic classes and promoting a healthy lifestyle.  Her love of fitness, the need to help others in
reaching their fitness goals and interest in rehabilitation lead her choose AWF which in original translation stands for  University of Physical Education. After 5
years and countless hours of hard work , Eva received a
Master's Degree of Physical Education , became a Lifeguard , Certified Fitness Instructor and
Certified Spine exercise coach.
Eva has done several European Fitness workshops and continuing education courses.

Eva holds variety of certifications  -
AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America,  DSWF - BOSU Integrated Balance Training , DSWF Drums Alive,
Prenatal Fitness and CPR.
 Eva has been actively working as a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer within the NY and NJ area, including In Home
Personal Training, Group Fitness Instructor, Commercial Gyms, studios, and Outdoor Group Fitness Classes. Eva's expertise covers a wide range of training
, Eva trains one on one, small unisex groups, women's only groups, young athletes, seniors, pregnant women, women's fitness training. On daily basis Eva
teaches  step ,body sculpt , swiss ball , interval and circuit training , dance, low and high low impact , Bosu choreography , medicine ball , val slide , kettlebell ,
boot camp, core synergy, aqua aerobic -you name it .
Eva is a CERTIFIED WEIGHT LOSS AND WELLNESS COACH, she will be there for you when you
need to either lose, gain or maintain your weight. She has helped a large number of people to achieve their ideal weight and keep it off, just give her a call to
find out more
.Eva is constantly learning, studying and improving her skills as trainer and instructor - like she says - " Fitness is a never ending process of
learning. and fun "
Get in shape, lose weight, diet programs, Eva training routine
The Best of the Best
womens fitness for weight loss, women's personal trainer
Kettlebell Boot Camp Classes, personal trainer rockland county
kettlebell boot camp classes, personal trainers
womens fitness, weight loss, kettlebell workouts
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Marine corps boot camp fitness classes, personal trainers in rockland county, boxing classes
weight loss boot camp, with diet supplements to lose weight in Rockland County NY
230 W. Rt. 59
Spring Valley, NY
Steve Eckert
Peak Physique Fitness Center
230 W. Rt. 59
Spring Valley , New York , 10977 United States

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Client Testimonials
Personal Trainer in Rockland County NY, weight loss boot camp classes, boxing
Personal Training

One on One, Partners, Small Groups- All Fitness Levels

When it comes to our Trainers’ Service and Dedication, Competition is None

Our service and impact goes far beyond our one hour session per day.  We are body and lifestyle transformation specialists, dedicated to delivering the most professional and effective
service possible.  Your fitness, health, and goals, are our obligation.  We have hand picked some of the best fitness professionals from the area, and even the country.  Each member of
Team Peak Physique has achieved several recognized National Certifications and/or Exercise related degrees, and are held to the highest standards, far above their competition.  

We also allow Personal Trainers to bring their clients to our World Class Facility, and train them on a private contractor basis.  Trainers can bring their own clients and basically run their own
business, taking care of their own schedules, without the hassle of an impersonal commercial gym, that is only interested in digging in everyone’s pockets.

Clients, if you have a trainer, and are looking for a more personal, effective, and highly energetic environment, with a positive atmosphere, bring your trainer to our facility to take care of
business.  We are all about providing for trainers and their clients.

Of course we also always have the most qualified and dedicated trainers in house, to lead you through your journey to a healthy mind, healthy body, and overall healthy lifestyle.  We have
Fitness Professionals to take care of all your fitness goals and needs.  Whether you are looking to lose weight, get stronger, improve sports performance, strengthen your heart, increase
bone density, training for an event…..whatever your needs, Peak Physique has got your back, and is anxiously waiting to guide you through all your own personal battles.

Peak Physique has Personal Training Programs for men, women, teens, children, seniors, and pregnant women.  Whether you are a beginner, experienced exerciser, or an elite athlete, we
have innovative and unconventional training techniques that are guaranteed to challenge you, and constantly continue the process of leading towards your goals, and progressively improve in
all aspects of your Life.

Group Fitness Training

We offer single training sessions, and monthly programs.  Daily Boot camp and Boxing programs, available to everyone.  The more often you train, the lower the cost  Am/ Pm/ weekend
classes available.  We keep all the groups small, to ensure all participants receive the most personal attention possible,  No member is left behind, as there are modifications for people of
all fitness levels. NO EXCUSES.

Training sessions are one hour with any additional time needed for setup.  It is highly recommended that you warm up and stretch for 5-10 minutes prior to each session.  The
more times you train per week, the lower the cost.  There is also a discount for  multi -session packages purchased in advance.  The fees for training varies depending on
frequency of training, location of training, type of workout, and size of training package purchased.  Contact us for latest rates, details, and discounts.
Sarkis Berberian
Sarkis Berberian- certifications: NSCA (national strength and conditioning association), CPR/AED. Diploma: NPTI (National Personal Trainer Institute)
Anatomy & Physiology, Nutrition, Bio- Mechanics, Circuit Training, Sports Specific Training, Plyometrics, interval training, Total Body Aerobic & Anaerobic Conditioning.

Sarkis began training friends and family while in High School, in sports specific and weight loss management such as basketball, football, soccer, as well as weight loss
programs. He has been training for almost 10 years, athletes of all ages, everyday working professional men and women, and seniors of all careers. Sarkis was once, and
still is an athlete from childhood to present day, still involved in numerous competitive basketball leagues around the east coast, and as far as Armenia.

At one point Sarkis lost track of his health and appearance, weighing in at 270 pounds, but soon applied his knowledge and love of fitness into his own lifestyle. Now
weighing 197 pounds. He knows what its like, and feels he has been there before. Sarkis knows what it takes to getting back in good health, shape, and feeling great.   

Sarkis has a true passion for helping people achieve their goals, and completely changing their lifestyle and well being. Constantly improving his knowledge of fitness and
heath with great pace and moral, and always willing to learn something new to benefit the goals of everyone.
Run faster, jump higher, sport specific conditioning
weight loss boot camp classes in rockland county ny, lose weight with diet and exercise
Certified Personal Trainers in Rockland County, NY and Bergen County, NJ
personal trainers in rockland county ny, and Bergen county NJ
Get in shape, Sarkis Berberian, build muscle, lose weight fast, circuit training
Before and After
plyometrics, basketball training, jump higher, run faster, sport specific training
CALL NOW to Get in the BEST Shape of Your Life
Personal Trainers in rockland county ny, weight loss classes, boot camp, boxing
Boot Camp
Rockland County
Personal Trainers in
Rockland County NY
Personal Training
Boot Camp Classes
Boxing Classes
Kickboxing Classes
Lose Weight
Nutritional Counseling
Weight Loss Supplements
Rockland County
Treshanna Creighton, a graduate of Dominican College with a BA in Communications and minor in business, has excelled in the personal training and fitness industry for
over 7 years. She established herself as one of the Elite fitness personal trainers in Rockland County (Bergen County) with a Personal Training certification from NASM.

She is also a professional fitness competitor for OCB(organization for competitive Bodybuilders) as well as the WBFF ( world bodybuilding fitness federation) placing top 5
in her first show.  Due to her vigorous training routine, she has become an expert in weight loss, body composition, building lean muscle, burning fat, and overall health
and nutrition.

As a trainer, Treshanna's innovative training focuses on a unique combination of strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, weight loss and lean muscle mass as well
as concentrating  on transforming the mind and body in a healthy way with amazing results.

Love yourself.. It's YOUR body...
No one can take better care of it than you.
Treshanna Creighton
weight Loss, sports conditioning, Personal training to get in shape
Personal Training in Rockland County, Certified Boot Camp
Personal Training in Rockland County
Before and After
November 24, 2013
This weekend, we were at the Personal Trainer Workshop and Conference in NYC.  It was 2 full days of learning and refreshing, all the new personal training trends, techniques, exercises, and theories.  We attended seminars on nutrient
timing, High Intensity Interval Training, New School Strength and Conditioning, Boot Camp Drills, Exercise and Nutrition for older adults, and tons of other personal trainer and group fitness class workshops.  We are always learning, and
now bringing all that knowledge to the fitness studio in Rockland County, NY.

September 30, 2013
Personal Training at Peak Physique, is just that, Personal.  Every detail is personalized for the client, according to their goals, needs, preferences, strengths, weaknesses, schedule, and lifestyle.  Whether you are looking to lose weight,
build muscle, prepare for an athletic competition, or just live an overall more fit and healthy lifestyle, our trainer have you covered.  Every training program is tailored to each individual clients goals and needs.  We are available for one on
one personal training any time of day, 7 days a week.  We pride ourselves on providing the best possible fitness professional services in Rockland County.  No Excuses.

September 17, 2013
Peak Physique Personal Training Studio, is offering one on one training for High school athletes, and sports conditioning.  The new school year is here, its time to train for your sport, with our exclusive strength and conditioning programs.  
There is no better private training studio in Rockland County, to get in the best possible shape, and prepare for your sport.  Run faster, get stronger, jump higher, and outlast the competition, with our Personal Training program.

September 6, 2014
New Personal Trainers added to the Rockland County Studio, Martin who teaches boxing and kickboxing (techniques, punches, kicks, circuits), and Lou , who will be teaching Boot Camp Classes.  We are constantly recruiting the top
Personal trainers and group fitness instructors, throughout Rockland and Bergen County.  The team is just getting stronger.

September 2, 2013
Peak Physique Team, Personal Trainer Workout was crazy today, for Labor Day.  We did a Strength/ Cardio Endurance, Twister Pyramid Circuit.  It was a tough training session, and the studio was covered in sweat and exercise
equipment, but all the trainers Killed it.

August 28, 2013
Peak Physique Personal Training, Boot Camp, and Boxing, is constantly bringing in new trainers, to provide our clients and members, with the best possible service and results.  In the past few months, we have added Boxing / Kickboxing
experts, stretching / Yoga masters, and several of the top Personal Trainers in Rockland County.  We are always striving to create the strongest possible team of fitness professionals in the health, fitness, and Personal training Industry

August 22, 2013
Put clients through some awesome training programs today, mixiing strength endurance, with some cardio intervals.  Final end of summer push to get in the best shape possible.

August 19 , 2013
This Saturday we had an awesome Personal Trainer Workshop here in Rockland County NY.  Tons of hands on training, focusing on program design, tons of crazy intense exercises, weight loss, and training all types of clients.  Our
Personal Trainers are constantly learning new techniques, to become the best in the fitness industry.  No Excuses.

July 19th, 2013
Our Personal Trainers and Bootcamp/Boxing Instructors ALWAYS work through the heat. There are NO EXCUSES for laziness. We are Rockland County's #1 Fitness Institution and we'll prove it any time, any day. Come in and see for

July 20th, 2013

Even on crappy, rainy days, our trainers are here for sessions. Weather means nothing. Peak Physique is a NO EXCUSES, rain or shine facility. We have the most reliable and dedicated trainers in Rockland County. Tonight's bootcamp is
packed, even with this weather. WHAT'S YOUR EXCUSE?

July 23rd, 2013

Peak Physique is still training hard in the bad weather. There are NO EXCUSES. Our #1 Fitness Professionals show up everyday rain or shine. Feeling good about yourself is not an option. Get out of bed and attend one of our Bootcamp
or Boxing classes. The results are worth the time and effort, trust us. Our trainers will push you to your PEAK POTENTIAL.

July 24th, 2013

Our trainers have written a great script for tonights strength bootcamp class. We never quit, we never take the easy route- we never do the same class twice. Every class you walk into will have different circuits and rhythms than the class
before it. Our certified fitness professionals have helped to sculpt the most effective bootcamp, boxing and personal training in all of Rockland County. NO EXCUSES.

July 25th, 2013

Rainy day workouts going on now at Peak Physique, all leading up to FREE BOXING tonight at 615. Peak Physique's Certified Personal Trainers are the best in Rockland County. Come on in, take a class, learn first hand. We don't make
excuses, we create results, guaranteed. NO EXCUSES.

July 26th, 2013

Listen- there are NO EXCUSES. Our trainers will pretty much train any day, any time. We come in as early as 4am and leave as late as 10pm. There is no room for mediocrity. We are Rockland's #1 Bootcamp, Boxing and Personal
Training gym. We don't play around. We create results FAST. PEAK PERFORMANCE, PEAK POTENTIAL, PEAK PHYSIQUE. Call 845-893-6529 ASAP to sign up for Personal Training or Bootcamp/Boxing classes.

July 29th, 2013

Training hard at Peak Physique until 815 this evening. Best Personal Trainers in Rockland County!!!

July 30th, 2013

Training again until 815. The harder you attack, the better the results. Getting ready for a tough hard cardio bootcamp tonight at 615. NO EXCUSES.

July 31st, 2013

Our trainers will be here until 815 tonight. There is NEVER a dull moment at Peak Physique. Bootcamp and Boxing classes tonight from 615-815. Two intense hours consisting of hard cardio, conditioning, strength training and boxing. We
never let up. NO EXCUSES

August 1st, 2013

AWESOME opportunity tonight...FREE BOXING AT 615! We are Rockland's #1 Personal Training studio!

August 2nd, 2013

Our trainers have been working hard since 6AM this morning and will continue to do so until Training sessions are over. Be sure to get your @$$ to Bootcamp/Boxing Mixed class tomorrow morning at 815, it's our favorite class to teach!
Peak Physique offers the most challenging Bootcamp and Boxing classes in all of Rockland County and our Private Training is second to none in the area. NO EXCUSES!

August 5th, 2013

The trainers have been here since 6AM working hard. Classes tonight at 615 and 715. We will be here. You should too. Peak Physique has Rockland's #1 Personal Trainers and Training Facility, stop in and find out why. NO EXCUSES.

August 6th, 2013
Training now up until classes at 615PM. We never stop, we never quit, we never send someone away. We take on anybody we can who is willing to put in the work. Best Personal Trainers in Rockland County!!!

August 7th, 2013
One of our longest days of training- 6AM almost straight until classes are over this evening at 815. Peak Physique is a no-nonsense Personal Training studio and we never shy away from a challenge. The harder you work, the better the
results. NO EXCUSES.

August 16th, 2013

Our trainers have been going at it all day. There is no rest or relaxation. We live to train and we train for a living. Come on and in and we will PROVE we have the best and most qualified Personal Trainers in all of Rockland County. GET ON
Peak Physique turned one lazy,
overweight teenager inside out in a matter
of months. I had struggled with my weight
ever since I was 13, and couldn’t find a
way to feel or look better. Steve
challenged me week after week with such
consistency that I felt the results and the
pain every time, after every workout.
Eventually, the pain and soreness became
endurance and toughness. I lost over forty
pounds in a matter of months, and built up
muscle in places I never thought I could.
Steve turned my lethargic way of living into
energy, my lack of consistency into a rigid
program, my fat into muscle. I would never
go anywhere else to train. Peak Physique
does EVERYTHING the right way and
cares only about real results.

I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, and prior to training
at Peak Physique, had never really worked out a
day in my life. As a mother and teacher’s aid,
finding times in my hectic schedule to work out was
tough at first, but Steve took care of all of that.
After a few years of training with Steve I have
found ways to keep active even when I’m not at the
gym. I feel more confident, healthier and more
agile than I did when I was twenty years younger.
Peak Physique has been a great solution to my
family’s fitness and health related problems. Steve
has created dozens upon dozens of workouts and
training schedules over the years that have not
only helped my children achieve their goals, but
that have also made my husband and I feel better
and stronger than we had felt in years. There is no
better place in Rockland County for a lifestyle
adjustment, believe me, we’ve tried. When we
finally found Peak Physique five years ago, we
never looked back, only forward.

Ivy Hoberman
Teacher’s Aid
Boxing and Kickboxing personal Trainer, Martin
Personal Trainers in Rockland County, Fitness studio Workshop
Boxing Personal Trainer Martin, preparing for Punching and kicking action
We offer extensive physical fitness personal training focusing on Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, and Jiu Jitsu.  The training focuses on being sport
specific to help improve techniques for these combat sports.  The training focuses on core/trunk stabilization, balance, coordination, flexibility, trunk/hip rotation,
explosiveness, speed, agility, reflexes, and technique specific movements.  Training for these sports requires your basic strength training and cardiovascular
conditioning, but you also have to train outside the box to properly prepare for such unpredictable activities.  the sport, we just teach you to be stronger, faster, and
more prepared .  For a great MMA school we recommend where we train,                                                      ,in Mahwah, NJ.

We also offer similar sport specific training for most major sports including, tennis, golf, baseball, softball, football, hockey, and basketball
Personal Training Studio in Rockland County, Trainer Workshop
Personal Training, Boot Camp, Boxing Rockland County Logo
Eva Pregnant Personal Training, group fitness classes, Rockland Gym
Lou Maddelana
Lou Maddalena is a certified personal trainer with graduate knowledge received from Dominican College in the Athletic Training program with emphasis in Strength &
Conditioning, Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, Kinesiology/ Biomechanics, Injury Care and Prevention to Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Stretching, as well as
Sport & Motivational Psychology.

Lou has experience training populations from athletes to special population clients with disabilities and chronic injuries, to bootcamp classes, and one on one personal
training . He will always push his clients to meet their goals and go beyond any plateaus and has a very unique philosophy on training and exercise that builds a
foundation in any individual's life.  

"if you always put limits on what you can do, physical or anything else, it’ll spread over into the rest of your life. It’ll spread into your work, into your morality, into your
entire being. There are no limits. There are plateaus, but you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. If it kills you, it kills you. A man must constantly exceed his
level.” Bruce Lee.