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Nationally Certified Fitness Professionals   
Personal Training is much more than just working out
Keys to Success
All of our trainers are top quality nationally certified fitness professionals that
are CPR certified and have basic first aid training.  We continue to adapt
new and exciting ways to give our clients optimal workouts.  We keep things
interesting to ensure that the client stays interested and committed to a
healthy, exercise lifestyle.   You never know what to expect from a Peak
Physique Workout, but you are always guaranteed to get unparalleled
service.  Peak Physique is completely registered, certified, and insured.  We
can provide references upon request.    
You won't just be getting a good workout, but learning the correct way to perform the exercises and the proper sequence of
exercises that will work for you.  All programs are designed based on your specific goals and needs.  We are here to break a
sweat, but in the bigger picture we are trying to adjust to a positive and healthy exercise  lifestyle.
  • Dedication
  • Discipline
  • Desire
  • Determination
  • Motivation
  • Fitness and Nutrition Education
  • Proper Exercise Program
    Design and Technique
  • Strong Leadership
  • Knowledge
  • Experience
steve boxing in the dungeon
20 Motivating Tips and Techniques
Goal Setting Tips and Tecniques
Change Your Mind, Body, and Life
We offer extensive physical fitness personal training focusing on Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, and Jiu
Jitsu.  The training focuses on being sport specific to help improve techniques for these combat sports.  The training
focuses on core/trunk stabilization, balance, coordination, flexibility, trunk/hip rotation, explosiveness, speed, agility,
reflexes, and technique specific movements.  Training for these sports requires your basic strength training and
cardiovascular conditioning, but you also have to train outside the box to properly prepare for such unpredictable activities.  
the sport, we just teach you to be stronger, faster, and more prepared .  For a great MMA school we recommend where we
train,                                                      ,in Mahwah, NJ.

We also offer similar sport specific training for most major sports including, tennis, golf, baseball, softball, football, hockey,
and basketball
Some of the Special Programs We Offer
Advanced Fighting Systems
Teen and Youth programs
Sport Specific Training
Peak Physique’s slogan, ‘No excuses, we come to you’, is not to be taken lightly.

I’ve worked with Steve Eckert for six years, through many difficult times when I felt there was no room in my life for keeping fit
and exercising. Somehow, Steve managed to find ways to make sure I got my workouts in, whether in my home or at the gym.
He has inspired me and made
the process of getting fit a fun, diverse, and rewarding experience. I’ve rediscovered the joy of
being active
and my “can-do” attitude towards physical challenges, lost somehow over years at a desk job and catering to my
husband and children. I look forward to my workouts with Steve more than I ever thought I could, primarily because of his
ability to keep workouts varied, entertaining, and targeted to my individual needs.

In my years at the gym, I’ve observed other trainers with clients and always felt grateful that I found Steve. His attention to
details like posture, body-alignment, breathing and regular stretching are unsurpassed. I’m totally confident that I can work
with Steve and
gain strength, balance and stamina without risk of injury. Also, Steve truly believes in and lives what he
promotes. He is constantly reading, researching and keeping abreast of the latest studies and issues in his field.

I look forward to seeing Peak Physique grow and expand under Steve’s guidance and expertise.
Steve will always have my
confidence and gratitude.

Chris Kaufman
Director of Human Resources -Accounting Supervisor
International Battery, Inc.- Oakland, NJ
“Peak Physique is a no-nonsense commitment to physical fitness,
conditioning, and an overall practice in healthy living.”

After spending two years in college, I realized that I had never before                         
seen the inside of the gym—my days, instead, were spent in a cycle of
working, eating, and sleeping that left me feeling and looking lazy and
unhealthy.  So for both personal and professional reasons, I committed
myself to correcting my atrocious eating habits and improving my
(nonexistent) workout routine.  
To carry out this massive undertaking,
enter Peak Physique.

Peak Physique is a no-nonsense commitment to physical fitness,
conditioning, and an overall practice in healthy living.  As exercise
becomes standard and routine, each day represents an effort to reach the
next level.  
The end result is both dramatic physical and mental
improvements in body image and self-confidence.

Boot Camp training, in particular, allows one to work at an individual
pace within the setting of team-based, group activities.  For me,
Camp training is an exercise in self-motivation and self-discipline—Peak
Physique has convinced me to constantly surpass the status quo and aspire to new and better personal gains.

In short, the workout routine offered by Peak Physique is both challenging
and professional—I feel better and healthier than I ever have before.
gym has become a familiar place to me—a place that I could never do
without.  I return to college not only expecting—but wanting—to workout.
Better yet,
I expect to feel this way for the rest of my life.

Joseph Rudnick
College Student- Cornell University
Police Officer
Elmira, New York
Steve Eckert
Steve Eckert - Certifications:  NFPT-CPT, DSWF Exercise and Pregnancy, DSWF Psychology for Health
Fitness Professionals, TSI/NYSC Foundations of Personal Training, TSI/NYSC Advanced Training Systems,
MCI/USMC Fundamentals of Nutrition

Steve began Personal Training/ Strength and Conditioning in the United States Marine Corps, almost 10 years
ago. He has trained hundreds of Marines in preparing for Physical Fitness Tests, Since then he has trained in
over 50 gyms/ studio's throughout the World during that time. He has trained clients from all walks of life, from
youth athletes, High School, College, Professional, Men, Women, Pregnant women, Seniors.

Steve also trains small to large groups in Sports Specific training, strength and Conditioning, Boxing, Bootcamp,
Kettlebells, Plyometrics, Total Body Conditioning, Cardio Intervals, Circuit Training.

Steve is not just your everyday trainer, he lives and breathes through the exact guidelines, discipline, and moral,
as that of which he instills in everyone he encounters.  He is the ultimate example of "talking the talk, and walking
the walk".  Steve is constantly working on additional certifications and workshops, with the desire to constantly
improve, learn, adapt, and increase his knowledge by learning something new everyday.
Eva was born in Poland and has been living in US for several years now.  Her journey with Fitness began back in
her home country as she has been active her entire life.  In her High School Eva was teaching variety of aerobic
classes and promoting a healthy lifestyle.  Her love to fitness, the need to help others in reaching their fitness
goals and interest in rehabilitation lead her choose AWF which in original translation stands for  University of
Physical Education. After 5 years , Eva received
Master's Degree of Physical Education , became a Lifeguard ,
Certified Fitness Instructor and Certified Spine exercise coach.
Eva has done several European Fitness
workshops and continuing education courses.

Eva holds variety of certifications  -
AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America,  DSWF - BOSU
Integrated Balance Training , DSWF Drums Alive, Prenatal Fitness and CPR.
 Eva has been actively working as
a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer within the NY and NJ area, including In Home Personal Training,
Group Fitness Instructor, Commercial Gyms, studios, and Outdoor Group Fitness Classes. Eva's expertise
covers a wide range of training , Eva trains one on one, small unisex groups, women's only groups, young
athletes, seniors, pregnant women. On daily basis Eva teaches  step ,body sculpt , swiss ball , interval and circuit
training , dance, low and high low impact , Bosu choreography , medicine ball , val slide , kettlebell , boot camp,
core synergy, aqua aerobic -you name it .
will be there for you either you need to lose, gain or maintain your weight. She has a number of people who
achieved their ideal weight and kept it off, just give her a call to find out more
.Eva is constantly learning, studying
and improving her skills as trainer and instructor - like she says - " Fitness is a never ending process of learning.
and fun "
The Best of the Best
eva training kettlebells at the beach
Steve training kettlebells at beach
kettlebells at beach
nation federation of professional trainers
united states marine core emblem
Peak Physique Training Center
230 W. Rt. 59
Spring Valley, NY 10977
Steve Eckert
Peak Physique Fitness Center
230 W. Rt. 59
Spring Valley , New York , 10977 United States

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