Training sessions are one hour with any additional time needed for setup.  It is highly
recommended that you warm up and stretch for 5-10 minutes prior to each session.  
The more times you train per week, the lower the cost.  There is also a discount for  
multi -session packages purchased in advance.  The fees for training varies
depending on frequency of training, location of training, type of workout, and size of
training package purchased.  Contact us for latest rates, details, and discounts.

We also offer a wide variety of sports supplements and exercise equipment.  Contact
us for supplement and exercise equipment catalogs and price lists.  Peak Physique is
also an official Associate of Isagenix, which offers health and wellness products.  Click
on the Isagenix tab for more information.  
Initial Fitness and Lifestyle Assessment
  • Your initial fitness and lifestyle assessment will be conducted
    before any actual training.  This consists of:

-General Lifestyle and Fitness Questionnaire
-Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire
-Cardiovascular Risk Profile
-Fat intake/ Are You Fit Test
-Long Term/ Short Term Goal Setting
-Test Your Physical Activity IQ/ Body Fat IQ
-Body Composition (fat %)
-Circumference Measurements
-Blood Pressure/ Resting Heart Rate/ Max HR
-Postural Assessment
-Muscular Balance Evaluation
-Range of Motion Assessments
-General Physical Fitness Assessment
Peak Physique
shawn at gym
eva pushups at the beach
fitness seminar at pronetronet
exercise demonstrations at fitness seminar
Peak Physique is also associated with ProMetroNet, a premier business
networking group located in Rockland County.  These are some pictures
from an open networking night where Peak Physique did a presentation on
living a healthy lifestyle for the busy business owners.  You can check
them out on the web at                                       , for more details, and any
upcoming events.
Peak Physique
Peak Physique Training Center
230 W. Rt. 59
Spring Valley, NY 10977
Steve Eckert
Peak Physique Fitness Center
230 W. Rt. 59
Spring Valley , New York , 10977 United States

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